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Kibbutz Gadot is located in the Hulah Valley, on the banks of the Jordan River, at the foot of the Golan Heights. This is a fascinating region, which is blessed with plenty of water, green landscapes and numerous tourist facilities for rest and recreation.

We invite you to stay with us when you visit Northern Israel.

Our country lodging offers inspiring green lawns, flower gardens and single-story houses set within the Kibbutz. Our lodging evokes a country atmosphere, which is quiet, calm and secure.

We offer double bed rooms as well as comfortable rooms for families. Each room is equipped with an air conditioner, cable T.V., radio, BBQ grill and a separate shower and toilet.

Each room is equipped with a kitchenette and facilities for the preparation of beverages are available. Formal room-service is not available, but sheets, pillow-cases and towels will be replaced as needed. Hotel style accommodations are available for large groups of up to 120 people.

Meals are provided in the self-service dining hall and include our own fresh dairy products. Our guests can also enjoy our private Bar. For best service, organized groups should arrange their dining schedule in advance.

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